BOTOX® (Botulinum Toxin Type A) Dental Therapeutic injections are administered Dr. Giovanni Boiano, DDS, a BOTOX® certified specialist. He administers it both as a cosmetic application and a therapeutic pain reliever conditions that are triggered by the muscles of the jaw. As a therapeutic tool, BOTOX® is an integral part of dental implant surgery and TMJ treatment.

Long before BOTOX® cosmetic injections were used to beautify the face, they were used for medical purposes. Spastic muscles or muscles that clench involuntarily can cause extreme discomfort and embarrassment. BOTOX® Dental Therapeutic – delivered directly to problematic muscles via injections – can relieve facial tics, involuntary teeth clenching and other dental and facial related medical problems. Patients will typically get three to four months of relief after just one treatment.

Utility in Treating TMJ Disorder, Teeth Grinding, and Teeth Clenching

TMJ disorder, teeth grinding (bruxism), and teeth clenching can all cause extreme pain and disrupt daily life. Fortunately, all of these problems can be treated with BOTOX® Dental Therapeutic, which relaxes the muscles that control the jaw (temporomandibular) joint. In the past, traditional treatments such as dental splints or night guards were used to treat these conditions. However, BOTOX® Dental Therapeutic injections deliver targeted treatment to the source of the problem and allow you to enjoy your life free from pain.

Utility in Dental Implant Surgery

BOTOX® injections relax the muscles surrounding the jaw joint so the targeted injections are useful in reducing the stress placed on new dental implants. Treatment with BOTOX® Dental Therapeutic is an especially important part of the one-day implant process, in which the implant or implants are placed in just one appointment. Reducing the stress put on a new dental implant helps it become successfully integrated into your jaw bone so you can count on many years of beautiful, worry-free smiles.

At our practice, patient comfort, cleanliness, and professionalism are paramount considerations. Though BOTOX® Cosmetic and BOTOX® Dental Therapeutic are used to accomplish very different goals, you can be assured that you will achieve a superior result whether you undergo treatment for aesthetic reasons or to relieve muscle-related problems. We encourage you to learn more about BOTOX® injections through our staff and doctors.

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