Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the most advanced therapy available to replace missing teeth. Te replacement teeth are created by Dr. Giovanni Boiano, DDS and placed on the foundation provided by dental implants which look and act like natural teeth.

Dr. Boiano is highly skilled and trained in the surgical as well as the prosthetic phases of treatment.  This knowledge is a great asset in treatment planning and he can answer any question you may have concerning treatment.  There is no need for multiple visits and consultations as all treatment is  performed in the state of the art facility where your comfort, safety and health are our utmost concern.

Emergencies: Dr. Boiano is also able to treat your dental emergency with a dental implant on the same day.

Replacing a lost tooth is vital to maintaining the overall health and function of the surrounding teeth, as it helps avoid tooth migration and loss of structure and is necessary to avoid loss of bone from the jaw in that area. Dental implants are very strong and provide a feel as close to a natural tooth as can be currently achieved.

Dental Implants also reduce the impact of the lost tooth on surrounding teeth, as traditional bridge structures often require reduction (filing down) of the two adjacent teeth to hold the bridge in place with crowns.

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