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May 23, 2017

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Best Eastchester Pediatric Dentist

Welcome to the Best Eastchester Pediatric Dentist. Smiles Under The Sea Dentistry proudly serves the Bronx NY, Westchester NY and

Best Eastchester Pediatric Dentist

Fairfield CT with the best dental care for over 16 years. Our team is made up of caring and loving people who have been in the pediatric dentistry business for many years. Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry.

Make our office you and your child’s new dental home. At Smiles Under The Sea, establishing an ongoing relationship with a licensed dentist can provide your child with comprehensive, continuously accessible, coordinated and family-centered care. Pediatric Dentists are not only special because they limit their care to only children but also know the most about their field. We can assure you that our dentistry has the best atmosphere, dentists and customers.

Why are Pediatric Dentists so Important?

Our pediatric dentists are trained specifically in child dental care which means they always have the right answer regarding your child’s teeth. The most vital time in a child’s life regarding their teeth is around 6-12 months. At this time, your child starts growing their set of baby teeth. New parents might ask “why are baby teeth so important?”

There are five reasons why the proper growth of baby teeth is necessary. First, baby teeth are placeholders for the permanent teeth. If these teeth fall out earlier, it can disrupt the development of permanent teeth. Second, cavities in baby teeth can cause infections that can harm a child and damage the developing permanent teeth.

Third, baby teeth allow the child to develop good oral hygiene habits. Fourth, baby teeth are important for developing proper speech patterns. Fifth, baby teeth help children eat nutritious food. Do the best for your child’s teeth and call Smiles Under The Sea to book your next appointment.

For information or to book an appointment, please call 914-268-0020.


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