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October 28, 2015

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Pediatric Dentistry

Welcome to Boiano Dental Group, the top rated Eastchester pediatric dentists. As the leading pediatric dentists in Eastchester we know how to make your child’s first experience; and every other encounter with our dentists a great one.

From children’s teeth sealants to orthodontic treatment, Boiano Dental Group provides treatment in a caring demeanor and ALL equipment is handicapped accessible. Our pediatric dentists love what we do and our patients can feel that love in all the service we provide.

Parents are always welcome in our treatment rooms, and for those that require it we do provide in house IV sedation treatments.

eastchester pediatric dentistsWe also provide:

Evening appointments
Low Dose Digital X-Rays
Saturdays Appointments
Knowledgeable Consultations
Child Friendly Rooms
Relaxing atmosphere
Most Insurances accepted

Our Eastchester Pediatric Dentists are ready to make your child’s dental experience the best as possible.

Orthodontic Treatment

At Boiano Dental Group our dentists also specialize in Orthodontic Treatment. Our Eastchester pediatric orthodontic services, if proper steps are taken early, the need for future major orthodontic treatment might be eliminated.

Orthodontic Treatment Includes:

Early treatment: ages 2-6. Deals with underdeveloped jaws, harmful oral habits (thumb sucking), and early loss of primary teeth.

Mixed Dentition: ages 6-12. Deals with jaw/ tooth misalignment problems. At this age, soft and hard tissues are very responsive to treatment.

Adolescent Dentition: ages 12 and up. Deals with permanent teeth and development of the final occlusion (Bite)

So when you are in search for a pediatric dentist in Eastchester give Boiano Dental Group a call, or come by for a visit!


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